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[BIOGRAPHY] 3 Things You Should Know About Gkinicks

George Uzo popularly and musically known as Gkinicks was born December 28, 1977 is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, music producer. His gospel music gets inspiration from prayer, the word of God and challenges/testimonies in his life. He also has a record of teaching music to youth. After he lost his father in 2010, friends who came for condolence visit could not console him as he found comfort in Music. Only then he realized and concluded that music has the capacity to heal a broken heart. Gkinicks then decided to use his music to inspire and heal people who are heart broken. ”Hosanna in the highest” is the hit track on his debut album titled “Promoting Jesus “. Later 2019 he futured a new hit gospel song called “ChinazaEkpere” with Grace Eze and Chuks James. Other publications are “Jesus you are the one I see”.

  1. Biography

A. Early life

Gkinicks was born into a family of nine. His birth name is George Uzo. He was born in Abia state of Nigeria. He started following his father to church at the age of eight and some of his own friends were in church choir. Gkinicks became very interested towards church choir and music generally. In his teenage years, he became a born-again Christian. Only later Gkinicks finally found courage to join church choir in Finland.

Gkinicks Fashion Hub

The name of Gkinicks was born already in 90’s when a young business man wanted to have his own label in clothing market. Since then he has been carrying the name Gkinicks even though he started doing other things. In 2016 when Gkinicks started more actively writing Christian songs he was reminded of the name Gkinicks he started his life with. This is a good name to promote Jesus which is the main reason why Gkinicks is here.

B. Chuch life

When Gkinicks joined church in Finland 2004 he began to attend weekly activities. From there he grew to became an elder and a choir leader. During the last 15 years he has been going many different churches in Finland and helping choirs to play and perform. He has the gift from God to empower others to learn music and worship God. Over these years he has learned also to play many instruments and to sing.

He is also a prayer warrior in FICA (Finland International Christian Association) in Helsinki were they regularly meet once a month to pray for Christians in Finland. Prayer is his lifestyle.

C. Music life

Gkinicks has been very active in church choirs since 2004. He has been playing drums, saxophone, basso, trumpet and keyboard in different choirs and resent years he started training a youth choir.


Gkinicks created the songs in his first album “Promoting Jesus” during the years 2017-2018. He was inspired about the troubles he was facing during his father’s death. Music became a healing power in his life.

2. Awards and nominations

          Nomination in the Kingdom Radio music awards 2018.

3. Songs

  1. Hosanna in the highest 2018
  2. I believe in You, 2018
  3. My righteousness, 2018
  4. You are the one I see, 2018
  5. I will follow, 2018
  6. Holy is your name, 2018
  7. All the glory, 2018
  8. Jesus you are the One, 2018
  9. Celebration time, 2018
  10. No one, 2019
  11. God is good, 2019
  12. Chinaza Ekpere,2019
  13. Spirit of the Lord, 2020
  14. My Father, 2020
  15. Emmanuel loves me, 2020
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Birth name:          George Uzo

Also known as:     Gkinicks

Born:                    December 28, 1977

Origin:                   Abia state, Nigeria

Genders:              Christian music, songwriter, businessman, music producer & clothe designer

Occupation:          Singer-songwriter, worship leader

Instruments:        Keyboards , vocals

Years active:        2018 – present

Labels:                 CEO Gkinicks Records



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